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  • Discover Bio – Manual Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

    Discover Bio – Manual Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

    Now the world's best selling microwave peptide synthesizer is also available in a research scale benchtop system that offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing peptides. Enhance your laboratory's capabilities with the benefits of microwave-assisted peptide synthesis. Now, chemists who need to make peptides on a research scale can produce high purity peptides in a rapid and cost-effective manner.
    • Greater purity peptides than conventional synthesis
    • Accelerated reaction rates - 10 to 20 times faster than conventional methods
    • Access peptides impossible to synthesize under conventional conditions
    Compared to conventional methods, the Discover Bio offers chemists the unparalleled benefits of microwave-assisted peptide synthesis in a safe, compact, easy-to-use system. The Discover Bio features the same patented technology of the Discover® System, the best-selling microwave synthesis system in the world.
    • Patented single-mode microwave cavity ensures homogenous power delivery at 1W increments
    • Precise fiber optic temperature control
    • Fast, easy washing
    • Small system footprint fits easily in a standard fume hood
    • Easily upgradeable to automated system
    • Accessory available for high pressure organic synthesis
    • Industry-leading safety features
  • Discover SP-X – Automated Microwave Extraction System

    Discover SP-X – Automated Microwave Extraction System

    Automated Microwave Sample Preparation System 
    for Organic Analysis The fast, easy alternative to Soxhlet, sonication, and other techniques.
    Significantly reduce solvent usage and decrease extraction times from hours to minutes with the new Discover SP-X, a remarkable, sequential platform for automated microwave extraction, hydrolysis, or derivitizations.
    • Reduce solvent usage by up to 95%
    • Typical extractions in 10 minutes or less, including cool down
    • Full temperature & pressure control of each vessel
    • Easy-to-use vessels with snap-on caps
    • Works with all solvents, including polar & non-polar
    • Accommodates a wide range of sample sizes
    • Documentation of every sample
    • Stirring provides uniformity of sample mixture
    • Compact
    • Optional automation deck - load it and leave it
    • Ideal for a wide variety of matrices including foods, plastics and polymers, environmental samples, textiles, and more
    The cavity of the Discover SP-X is specifically designed to maintain the optimum amount of energy for the programmed reaction. Microwave energy raises the solvent temperature above the boiling point, allowing for higher extraction efficiencies. Samples are processed using programmed methods, ensuring uniformity of extraction times and conditions. Method programming is intuitive and the system features a library of pre-set methods.
    The compact system features simple set-up and operation. Vessels are available in 35- and 80-mL sizes with simple snap-on caps. The optional automation deck allows technicians to work on other tasks while the Discover SP-X runs unattended, even overnight.
  • Industrial Ultrasonic Devices

  • Liberty Blue – for Microwave Peptide Synthesis

    Liberty Blue – for Microwave Peptide Synthesis

    CEM Corporation is transforming the way chemists perform peptide synthesis once again with the introduction of the Liberty BlueTM automated microwave peptide synthesizer. More than just a facelift, the Liberty Blue system has been designed for maximized speed and efficiency. With 4-minute cycle times and a 90% solvent reduction, no other peptide synthesizer on the market can even come close to the performance of the Liberty Blue. Couple with that unparalleled peptide quality along with greater flexibility and improved reliability, Liberty Blue is the system of choice for all your peptide synthesis needs.
    The Liberty Blue system's combination of microwave peptide synthesis along with rapid liquid handling offers several advantages over conventional synthesis conditions including:
    • Shorter reactions resulting in only 4-minute cycle times
    • Higher purity peptides than conventional synthesis
    • Use of standard, inexpensive peptide synthesis reagents
    • Synthesis of peptides impossible to synthesize under conventional conditions
    • License included allowing the use of microwave energy for both the coupling and deprotection steps

    Remarkably Fast

    • 4 minute cycle time
    • Rapid reagent addition
    • Optimized synthesis methods
    • >80% time reduction compared to 1st generation microwave synthesizers
    • Difficult peptides such as A-beta in hours rather than days

    Maximum Efficiency

    • Up to 90% solvent reduction
    • Less reagent usage
    • No priming required
    • Judicious use of solvent for washing
    • Accurate and precise reagent addition

    Benefits of Microwave Control

    • Only system capable of using microwave energy for both the coupling and deprotection steps
    • Complete control over power, temperature and time for each step
    • Rapidly change temperature from one stage to the next
    • Easily synthesize peptides with temperature sensitive amino acids without unwanted side reactions


    • Flex-add™ technology eliminates need for sample loops and allows infinite volume delivery options
    • Synthesis conditions (temperature, power, and time) can be controlled for each step of every amino acid cycle
    • 27 AA positions provides ample positions for unusual amino acids or reagents
    • Unlimited number of couplings with amino acid stock solutions
    • 2 reaction vessel sizes – 30 and 125-mL to cover the full synthesis scale range
    • Scale range from 0.005 to 5 mmol
    • Resin loading option allows high throughput peptide synthesis
    • Optional cleavage accessory for rapid peptide cleavage and deprotection


    • 50% fewer processing valves
    • Easy to use software with default methods
    • Straightforward method customization for unique peptides or reagents
    • Usage and reagent calculators make reagent preparation simple
    • Fast and easy system setup with a maximum of only 31 bottles to install on the system


    • All valves are backpurged immediately after use eliminating the need for extra washing and preventing clogging issues
    • Reduced routine maintenance with fewer valves and the elimination of optical sensors for reagent addition
    • Flex-add technology is not susceptible for bubbles unlike optical sensor
    • Uninterrupted pathway allows fast and efficient purging
    • Pressure detection for all chemical transfers
    • Detailed run history and error reporting
    • Waste level detection
    • Best in class service and support
  • MARS 6 – Microwave Digestion System

    MARS 6 – Microwave Digestion System

    The MARS 6 is a microwave acid digestion system that produces clear digest from samples for elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, or AA. Rocks, plants, soil, foods, pharmaceuticals, plastics, metals and more can be digested easily using preloaded methods. For over 30 years lab technicians have been using MARS systems for sample preparation and with the latest updates to the MARS 6, the process even easier.

    How it works

    Microwave acid digestion is a technique to dissolve metals bound within a sample matrix into liquid. This is achieved by exposing a sample to a strong acid in a closed vessel and raising the temperature and pressure through microwave irradiation. Both the speed of thermal decomposition of the sample, and the solubility of heavy metals in solution are increased. Once these heavy metals are in solution, they can be quantified through elemental techniques. The MARS 6 acid digestion process takes approximately 40 minutes depending on the sample type.  

    Pre-installed methods, one touch away.

    By selecting the One Touch icon on the touch screen, you’ll be able to choose the sample type from the pre-installed methods. From there, it will automatically detect the type of vessel you are using, count the vessels, adjust the power accordingly, and perform the digestion for you. It couldn’t be easier.  
  • Pellet Press PP 25

  • Pellet Press PP 40

  • Star – Open Vessel Digestion

    Star – Open Vessel Digestion

    Complete digestion of larger size samples have never been easier with the STAR Plus System. It is the only open vessel system that offers a unique patented temperature feedback control, the ability to process samples using different programmable methods, and the safety and convenience of automated reagent addition. The system incorporates one miniaturized reagent pump for every reagent on every cell, eliminating cross contamination of reagents. The STAR Plus System is also capable of evaporating digested samples to dryness for redissolution with nitric acid to aid in further analysis. * Process 2 samples independently using different methods at simultaneous or sequential start times * Automated evaporation of sample and reagent to dryness * Automated reagent addition * Pre-programmable "Time-to-temperature" parameters for rapid optimization of methods * 1 pump per reagent for each individual cell * Easily digest difficult or highly reactive samples in sizes up to 10g * Self-contained scrubber system frees fume hood space * ISO accountability for program parameter * Small footprint fits virtually any laboratory * System software tracks reagent supply to prevent depletion * Software is easy to learn and intuitive to use - requires less than 30 minutes training Fast & Flexible Process 2 samples independently using different methods with simultaneous or sequential start times. The STAR System uses proprietary microwave technology to ensure rapid, complete digestions in an open vessel system that can handle sample sizes up to 10 grams. Safe Eliminate handling of hazardous chemicals with the STAR's automated reagent addition. The STAR System is environmentally-friendly. Automated reagent addition eliminates handling of hazardous chemicals and a self-contained vapor scrubber keeps fumes from escaping into the laboratory. Easy-to-Operate The STAR System features pre-programmable "Time-to-temperature" parameters for rapid optimization of methods.
  • UIS250L – Ultrasonic Sieving in the Laboratory

  • UP100H – Compact Ultrasonic Laboratory Device

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    UP200Ht – Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer

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    UP200Ht – Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer

    Hielscher ultrasonic device with sample preparation set
    $6,500.00 $5,500.00
  • UP200St – Powerful Ultrasonic Lab Homogenizer

  • UP200St with VialTweeter for Simultaneous Sample Preparation

  • UP400S – Powerful Sonication of Larger Samples

  • UP50H – Compact Lab Homogenizer