Autoclaves For Corrosion Testing

Autoclaves For Corrosion Testing


Some of the features of autoclaves for corrosion testing

  • Volumes from 450ml to 25 ltrs.
  • Design pressure upto 350 bar and temperatures upto 500°C.
  • Available in different materials of construction – SS 316, Hastelloy C276, Inconel, Titanium etc.
  • Non-stirred/Stirred autoclave system
  • Recirculating loop & electrochemical corrosion testing

Methods of testing corrosion using autoclaves

  • Weight loss method with corrosion coupons
  • Electrical resistance probe
  • Electrochemical probe
  • Electrochemical noise in current or potential



Working Volumes
  1. 450ml, 750ml, 1lit, 2lit, 5lit, 10lit, 20lit & 25lit
  1. Other volumes can be customized, if possible
Material of Construction
  1. SS-316
  1. Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium etc.
Design Pressure
  1. 100 bar (1450 psi)
  1. 200 bar (2900 psi)
  2. 350 bar (5000 psi) for 50ml to 10lit
Design Temperature
  1. 250°C (482°F)
  1. 350°C (662°F)
  2. 500°C (932°F)
Nozzles, Valves & Fittings
  1. Pressure gauge, vent needle valve, safety rupture disc, helical cooling coil, thermowell (with RTD-PT-100 temperature sensor), gas inlet &liquid sampling needle valve with common dip tube (sparger)
  1. Ball valve for powder/liquid inlet, flush bottom valve, serpentine cooling coil
Body & Head Sealing
  1. Split clamp type quick opening system with clamp bolts & flat gasket
  1. Split clamp with bolts
  2. Split clamp with ‘O’ ring & without clamp bolts
  3. Threaded clamp & vessel with ‘O’ ring seal
  4. Nut & bolts with flange & gasket
    PTFE (upto 350°C)
    Metallic Grafoil (for temperature>350°C upto 500°C)
Head Mounting Style
    Removable head and vessel design
  1. Fixed head design with removable vessel & heater (manual) – for 50ml to 1lit size
  2. Fixed head design with removable vessel & heater (motorized) – for 450ml to 5lit size
Motor & Drive
  1. Non flame proof / flameproof (explosion proof, IIA & IIB) geared AC motor (3 phase, 220V/415V, 50Hz) (if stirred autoclave)
  2. N.A. (if non stirred)
  1. Flame proof group IIC motor (if stirred)
  2. CE Atex IIC motor (if stirred)
Stirrer RPM
  1. 100-1450 rpm variable speed (if stirred)
  2. N.A. (if non stirred)
  1. 2900 rpm (upto 5lit autoclaves)
  2. 300-1500 rpm
Shaft sealing
  1. Zero leakage magnetic drive coupling(if stirred)
  2. N.A. (if non stirred)
  1. 4 bladed pitch blade turbine (50ml – 250ml)(if stirred)
  2. 6 bladed pitch blade turbine (450ml & above)(if stirred)
  3. N.A. (if non stirred)
    Specially designed stirrer for holding corrosion test coupons which are electrically insulated & isolated for one other
Heating System
    Electrical ceramic band heater with ceramic wool insulation cladding
  1. Flame proof certified Aluminium cast heater
  2. SS-304 jacket for oil/steam heating
  3. External electrical heater on SS jacket with oil inside
Control Panel
  1. Compact SS control panel with microprocessor based programmable PID temperature controller cum indicator, variable motor speed drive & otherdigital indicators / controllers (as ordered) mounted on it
  1. Digital temperature indicator in flameproof enclosure with SS control panel mounted at a safe distance of 10m
  2. Flame proof Group IIA / IIB or IIC control panel
  3. Touch screen panel
  1. Table top (50ml – 250ml)
  2. SS Trolley (450ml & above)
  1. SS trolley (50ml – 2501ml)
  2. SS table top (upto 2lit)
  3. Floor stand model for all  sizes


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