Model: L78 Rita/Q Quenching L78 Rita/D Deformation
Furnace : Induction Furnace Induction Furnace
Temperature range: -150°C up to 1600°C -150°C up to 1600°C
RT – 1000°C RT – 1000°C
RT – 1600°C RT – 1600°C
Sample holder: Fused silica, Al2O3 Fused silica, Al2O3
Sample geometry: solid/hallow samples solid samples
Diameter: approx. 4 mm approx. 5 mm
Length: approx. 10 mm approx. 10 mm
Heating rate:  up to 2500 K/s up to 400 K/s
Cooling rate:  up to 2500 K/s up to 400 K/s
Acquisition rate: max. 1000 readings/s max. 1000 readings/s
Deformation force: 25 kN
Deformation rate: 0.01 – 125 mm/s
Pause between steps: 60 ms
Atmosphere inert, oxid., red., vac. inert, oxid., red., vac.
Power requirements: 230VAC, 16A, 50..60Hz 230VAC, 16A, 50..60Hz
Option: Cryogenic cooling (up to -150°C) Cryogenic cooling (up to -150°C)