ICS-900 Starter Line IC System

ICS-900 Starter Line IC System


Routinely Analyze Multiple Anions and Cations in 10-15 Minutes

The ICS-900 is an integrated, single-channel ion chromatography system designed to run specific isocratic anion and cation applications. The system uses MMS 300 membrane suppression with Displacement Chemical Regenerationt (DCR) technology for low noise and stable baselines. Each ICS-900 system has an all-polymeric flow path with a reliable dual piston pump, high-pressure pulse damper, electrically actuated PEEK valve, and a temperature-controlled conductivity cell.

Key Features:

  • MMS 300 membrane suppression with DCR technology for drift-free baseline and ease-of-use
  • Wide pump flow rate range to support 2, 3, and 4 mm isocratic anion and cation columns
  • Dual-piston, serial-pumping system with PEEK flow path for low maintenance costs and maximum up-time
  • All-polymeric flow pathway to eliminate contamination and corrosion
  • Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System software for full control, quality integration, and versatile reports to exceed all your data processing needs
  • USB connectivity for fast, trouble-free instrument connection and configuration
  • Integrated IQ/OQ/PQ procedures to routinely assure the quality of your results


  • Sensitive, stable, heated conductivity detection for precise results
  • Compatibility with a broad range of Dionex polymeric separation columns for unparalleled application flexibility and reliability


ICS-900 Entry-Level IC System Specifications
Type Serial dual-reciprocating piston, microprocessor-controlled constant stroke, variable speed
Construction Chemically inert, metal-free PEEK pump heads and flow paths compatible with aqueous eluents of pH 0–14 and reversed-phase solvents
Pump Operating Pressure 0–35 MPa (0–5000 psi)
Flow Rate Range 0.00 mL/min to 5.00 mL/min with settable flow increment at 0.01 mL/min without changing pump heads
Flow Precision <0.1%
Flow Accuracy <0.1%
Pressure Ripple <1%
Eluent Bottle Pressure None required
Vacuum Degasser Optional with external vacuum degasser
Gradient Capabilities Optional with RFC-30
Eluent Generation Optional with RFC-30
Injection Valve 6-port, 2-position Rheodyne valve, electrically activated
Column Heater/ Thermostat Optional external heater CTS-10,
25 to 85 ˚C, minimum 5 ˚C above ambient
Suppressors and Control
Chemical Suppression Yes, anion and cation, 2 and 4 mm
Displacement Chemical Regeneration Yes, anion and cation, 2 and 4 mm
Electrolytic Suppression, Self-Regenerating Yes with RFC-10
Electrolytic Suppression, Self-Regenerating with External Water Yes with RFC-10
Suppression Capacity Anion SRS® 300 (4 mm): 200 µeq/min
Cation SRS 300 (4 mm): 110 µeq/min
Anion SRS 300 (2 mm): 50 µeq/min
Cation SRS 300 (2 mm): 37.5 µeq/min
Anion MMS 300 (4 mm): 150 µeq/min
Cation MMS 300 (4 mm): 150 µeq/min
Anion MMS 300 (2 mm): 37.5 µeq/min
Cation MMS 300 (2 mm): 37.5 µeq/min
Anion AES: 25 µeq/min
Cation AES: 25 µeq/min
Void Volume SRS 300 (4 mm): <50 µL
SRS 300 (2 mm): <15 µL
MMS 300 (4 mm): <50 µL
MMS 300 (2 mm): <15 µL
AMMS-ICE 300 (4 mm): <50 µL
AMMS-ICE 300 (2 mm): <15 µL
Anion AES: <35 µL
Cation AES: <35 µL
Sequential Suppression for Anions Yes, MMS 300 + CRD 300
Suppressor Wear Parts None; peristaltic pump and inline filters not required
Conductivity Detector Bipolar heated conductivity cell, microprocessor-controlled digital signal processing over the range 0–10,000 µS/cm
Detector Linearity 1%
Maximum Cell Pressure 10 MPa (1500 psi)
Resolution 0.0047 nS/cm
Cell Calibration Factory calibrated as a new system and calibrated in the field individually with memory retention and transfer
Flow Cell Chemical Compatibility (standard) Fully compatible with all typical ion chromatography eluents including MSA
Automation Using Autosampler Yes, Dionex AS-DV, AS-HV, AS Autosamplers or third party
Sequential/Simultaneous Injection Yes, depending on autosampler capabilities
Automated Dilution Yes, available with AS Autosampler
Dilution Factor, AS Autosampler 1:1 to 1:1000
Dilution Time, AS Autosampler 15 seconds with sample overlap
Inline Sample Degassing Optional with CRD 300/200
Inline Filtration AS-DV Autosampler or inline filter
Automation Flexibility High, conditionals using Chromeleon® software and post run features
Semiautomated System Qualification Yes, IQ/OQ/PQ
System Software
Software Chromeleon Chromatography Data System software, requires Microsoft Windows® 2000, XP, or Vista
Automated Procedure Wizards Yes, standard feature
System Wellness and Predictive Performance Yes, standard feature
Virtual Column Simulator Yes; evaluation mode standard, isocratic and gradient optional
Application Templates Yes, standard feature
Multivendor Automation Support of 3rd Party Yes, fully controls over 300 different instruments from more than 30 manufacturers, including GC, HPLC, and MS
Customizable System Control Panels Yes, standard feature
System Status Virtual Channels Yes, standard feature
Power Failure Protection Yes, standard feature
Sequential Injection Yes, standard feature for independent dual system analysis
System Trigger Commands and Conditionals Yes, standard feature
Daily Audit Trail Yes, standard feature
Sample Audit Trail Yes, standard feature
Multiple Network Control and Network Failure Protection Yes, optional
System Calibration Storage Yes, factory, present and previous. Completely user selectable
Customized Reporting Yes, standard feature with unlimited report workbooks
Physical Specifications
(h × w × d)
33 × 24 × 40 cm
(13 × 9.5 × 15.75 in.)
Weight 10 kg (22 lb)
Power Requirements 100–240 V ac, 50–60 Hz, autoranging
System Flow Path All polymeric (PEEK), anion or cation configurations


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