L75 / HP High Pressure Dilatometer

L75 / HP High Pressure Dilatometer


The Linseis high-pressure dilatometer L75/HP enables completely new applications in thermal analysis. The system can measure expansions (length changes) in the temperature range from RT up to 1100/1400/1800°C and in the pressure range up to 100/150 bar. This device is the world’s only available high-pressure dilatometer. A steam generator and camplex gas control system are optional available.

An get even more informations and extend your measeurement, an analysis of the effluent gases can be done by using a QMS or FTIR system at any time. But the coupling is more than only the sum of the separate parts. You can benefit from LINSEIS coupling knowledge and integrated hard- and software concept. For the interpretation of the results, different libraries are available.


Model:  DIL L75 HP / 1 DIL L75 HP/2
Temperature range*: RT bis 1100°C RT bis 1400/1800°C
Max. pressure: max. 150 bar max. 100 bar
Vacuum: 10E-4 mbar 10E-4 mbar
Sample holder: fused silicia < 1100°C fused silicia < 1100°C
Al2O3 < 1750°C Al2O3 < 1750°C
Max. sample length: 50 mm 50 mm
Sample diameter: 7/12/20 mm 7/12/20 mm
Adjustable sample pressure: up to 1000 mN up to 1000 mN
Measuring range: 500 / 5000 µm 500 / 5000 µm
Resolution: 0,125 nm 0,125 nm
Options: Pressure controllable Gas Mixing System (MFC´s)  Pressure controllable Gas Mixing System (MFC´s)
Atmosphere: inert, oxid.**, red., vac. inert, oxid.**, red., vac.

* different furnace

** not possible with graphite heater


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