Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture


LT Scientific Inc. offers a full line of quality lab furniture and components, along with a complete turn-key service offering that can help you with lab planning, design, and installation.

Complete Furniture Solutions

LT scientific supports you throughout every phase of furnishing your lab. Our team of experienced  support staff is dedicated to supplying original, innovative solutions – on time and within budget.

Furniture Specialists
Working in coordination with our trained specialists help you select the most functional and cost-effective solutions for your lab. Specialists also oversee the design-to-install process.

Furniture Project Estimators
Our team help you identify all applicable laboratory furniture requirements. Estimators value-engineer your project to meet budgetary needs and provide a comprehensive estimate of your project’s cost.

Furniture Design
Using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, we create plans to suit your specifications, maximizing available space while complying with all established safety guidelines.

Furniture Project Coordinators
Once your lab is planned, a Project Coordinator will oversee every detail of your project from start to finish, managing ordering, shipping, and final installation.

For more information about furniture products and services, please  contact with our specialists.


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