Rapid CS cube

Rapid CS cube

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The special sulfur analyzer

Based on the worldwide longest tradition in the analysis of the elements CHNS and O Elementar has developed an analyzer for carbon and sulfur which combines highest analytical performance with automatic sample throughput.

The sample handling by pelleting or use of tin capsules and fully automatic injection into a high temperature combustion zone is typical for our elemental analyzers. The fast and sensitive SO2/CO2 determination by means of IR detection is specific to the requirements of analysis for sulfur and carbon, e.g. in coal, soil or waste. It is characterized by special sensitivity and easy handling


Quantitative high temperature decomposition:
at a permanent temperature near 1200 °C and during combustion at 1800 °C. In pure oxygen the contained sulfur is fully converted to SO2 with a 100% recovery even in case of BaSO4. Carbon is converted to CO2 and detected by real non-dispersive IR photometer.

Large dynamic concentration range:
the measuring range is 0-100% or 20 mg S absolute with just one IR detector and sensitivity range. Measuring range for carbon is 0-100% or up to 40 mg absolute. Even concentrations of below 1 ppm or 0.2 µg S can be detected.

Large weighing range:
from micro (< 1 mg) to macro (1 g) depending on sample type

Automatic analysis run:
the integrated sample magazine can accommodate 60 large samples to be analyzed fully automatically even over night. Maximum number of samples is even 120, e.g. for coal. Liquid samples can be sealed in tin capsules and loaded in the autosampler.

All instrument parameters are PC controlled via Windows®:
the whole instrument is digitally controlled and can be operated also via the internet. 21 CFR Part 11 option for date safety.

High sample throughput and lowest analysis costs:
in unattended operation up to 120 samples can be analyzed in approx. 10 hours. Cost of analysis is minimal. 10 years furnace warranty.


Cl Option
detection of Cl by means of an electrochemical detector;
detection range 0 – 5 mg Cl

Sample feeder plate:
alternatively to the 60 position plate up to 1 g samples also for up to 120 samples up to 300 mg or 80 samples up to approx. 50 mg

Control and evaluation unit:
PC with Windows®operating software, monitor, printer and connecting cables (required for the operation of the basic unit).

Pressure reducing valve:
two stages for O2 gas cylinder

Electronic balance:
readability 0.1 mg or 0.01 mg with interface

Capsule sealing press:
for filling and gas tight sealing of tin capsules for liquid and air sensitive samples incl. consumables for approx. 100 liquid samples

Solid sample former:
manual tool for compressing samples in tin foil or cups and mechanical press for preparation of pellets with paper wrapping


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