Rapid MAX N exceed

Rapid MAX N exceed

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MAXimum performance in protein analysis

Increase laboratory efficiency at significant lower price-per-sample. The rapid MAX N exceed is the first N/protein analyzer according to the Dumas method that utilizes the highly successful EAS REGAINER® technology also for larger sample weights. Designed for 24/7 unattended operation, the instrument addresses any high throughput laboratory facing a wide range of sample types and weights.
The rapid MAX N exceed stands for outstanding precision, sensitivity and sample flexibility.

Highest sample throughput
The rapid MAX N exceed offers the fastest N/protein determination in 5 minutes. In conjunction with the 90 position autosampler it is possible to measure 300 samples per day. With the proprietary EAS REGAINER® technology it is possible now to run more than 1000 samples without the need to exchange reducing agent. Thus customers can enjoy outstanding low maintenance intervention for industry-leading system uptime.


The rapid MAX N exceed is optimized for N/protein analysis.

Strong Mode
For high sample weights, the Strong Mode with a maximum adsorption capacity of 500 mg carbon of the Purge and Trap columns is available.

Fast Mode
For a faster analysis time, the Fast Mode with a maximum adsorption capacity of 100 mg carbon of the Purge and Trap columns is available.


Measuring method
High temperature combustion with 100% recovery and detection of the released nitrogen. 
For N/Protein “Dumas” analysis according to AOAC, DIN/ISO, EN and most relevant standards.

Easy sample handling
Direct weigh-in into re-usable crucibles (steel or ceramics) without any special pre-treatment. Suitable for solids or liquids up to several grams or milliliters.

Safe, fast, clean
The analysis takes only a few minutes. No aggressive or toxic chemicals required. Physical and chemical separation of water and and interfering gases.

Large concentration range
from 20 ppm to 100% or 300 mg absolute N content.

Few operational requirements
Less than 1 m laboratory working space, 1 electrical connection and 2 operating gases are sufficient for maintenance free long term operation. Operation with helium or argon carrier gas are standard.

Fully automatic

With integrated 90 sample changer, control through Windows® based operating software. 
Optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software.


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