Rapid OXY cube

Rapid OXY cube

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The rapid OXY cube is a newly developed analyzer for highly precise and matrix-independent oxygen concentration measurement. Oxygen analysis using pyrolytic conversion poses high demands to instrument technology. To guarantee a highly precise and matrix-independent result, pyrolysis temperatures up to 1450 °C are necessary.

These extreme analysis conditions can only be fulfilled by rapid OXY cube, which achieves full conversion of sample oxygen to carbon monoxide. Even persistent organic as well as most inorganic substances are digested under these conditions and are detected matrix-independently. In addition, the novel backflush technology guarantees blank-free measurements also of the most difficult samples.

Highest temperature for highest precision

Our improvements in instrument technology lead to oxygen concentration analyses with unprecedented precision (standard deviation <0.1 % absolute) and convenience. The large dynamic measurement range allows sample weights of below 1 mg as well as up to 300 mg. The rapid OXY cube also stands for unmatched user-friendliness: It is optimized for unattended overnight operation and the pyrolysis reactor can be used for several thousands of samples.


The rapid OXY cube is optimized for oxygen analysis.


Low instrument background
Due to the novel reactor design with fully separated gas flows a very low background signal has been achieved.

Purge&trap chromatography

Separation of carbon monoxide on a specific column for perfect separation without peak overlap and automatic optimization of the analysis time.

Backflush technology
Specifically equipped with novel backflush technology to guarantee full nitrogen-carbon monoxide separation for highly accurate analysis of oxygen.

Range of element concentrations
from ppm to 100% or 6 mg O absolute

Multipoint calibration
stable over months and matrix independent

Clean, safe, fast
The analysis only takes a few minutes, no aggressive or toxic chemicals are used, Helium carrier gas

Few installation requirements
48 x 55 cm benchtop space, 1 power supply and helium gas supply are sufficient for maintenance free long time operation

Automatic analysis run
with integrated sample feeder for 120 samples, PC control and evaluation through Windows

Instrument control
with a standard PC for perfect results also for unknown or heavily variable sample matrices; 21 CFR Part 11 Option. Possibility for remote service due to full digitalization of the instrument electronics.


Electronic micro balance:
balance and elemental analyzer form a system. We offer micro balances and analytical balances from the leading manufacturers with our instruments.

Sample feeder:
alternative 80 position carousels are available for larger weight samples

Capsule press:
for the dosing and gas tight sealing of tin capsules for liquid and sensitive samples.

vario Liquid Sampler, VLS:
The VLS automated sample feeder is used for liquid injections directly into the pyrolysis chamber.

Preparation for UPS:
allows the coupling with a “low power UPS” for securing the instrument from short time mains failures.

Sample former with pressing tool:
for the compaction of the wrapped samples and removal of air in soil samples.

Manual pressing tool:
for the manual compaction of the wrapped sample.


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