Star – Open Vessel Digestion

Star – Open Vessel Digestion

Complete digestion of larger size samples have never been easier with the STAR Plus System. It is the only open vessel system that offers a unique patented temperature feedback control, the ability to process samples using different programmable methods, and the safety and convenience of automated reagent addition. The system incorporates one miniaturized reagent pump for every reagent on every cell, eliminating cross contamination of reagents. The STAR Plus System is also capable of evaporating digested samples to dryness for redissolution with nitric acid to aid in further analysis.

* Process 2 samples independently using different methods at simultaneous or sequential start times
* Automated evaporation of sample and reagent to dryness
* Automated reagent addition
* Pre-programmable “Time-to-temperature” parameters for rapid optimization of methods
* 1 pump per reagent for each individual cell
* Easily digest difficult or highly reactive samples in sizes up to 10g
* Self-contained scrubber system frees fume hood space
* ISO accountability for program parameter
* Small footprint fits virtually any laboratory
* System software tracks reagent supply to prevent depletion
* Software is easy to learn and intuitive to use – requires less than 30 minutes training

Fast & Flexible
Process 2 samples independently using different methods with simultaneous or sequential start times. The STAR System uses proprietary microwave technology to ensure rapid, complete digestions in an open vessel system that can handle sample sizes up to 10 grams.

Eliminate handling of hazardous chemicals with the STAR’s automated reagent addition. The STAR System is environmentally-friendly. Automated reagent addition eliminates handling of hazardous chemicals and a self-contained vapor scrubber keeps fumes from escaping into the laboratory.

The STAR System features pre-programmable “Time-to-temperature” parameters for rapid optimization of methods.

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Vessels for the STAR Plus System
* 250-mL Pyrex Vessels – Standard vessels for routine applications
* 250-mL Quartz Vessels – Designed for high temperature applications and acid concentration
* 250-mL Teflon Vessels – Used for HF and phosphoric acid digestions
* Volumetric Pyrex Vessels – Eliminate transfer steps by digesting and bringing sample to volume in a single vessel (50- or 100-mL vessels)


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