Transmission Electron Microscope HT7700

Transmission Electron Microscope HT7700


The HT7700 with Dual-Mode objective lens features superior high-contrast and high-resolution image quality together with analytical capabilities for biomedical and materials science. Digital design and sophisticated automation increase throughput for both novice and advanced users. Configure the HT7700 to meet all of your advanced sample analysis needs.

Items Description
Resolution(lattice) 0.204 nm (100 kV)
[0.144 nm (120 kV) for EXALENS : Optional]
(Resolution is guaranteed by specific cameras.)
Magnification Zoom ×200 – ×200,000(HC mode)
×4,000 – ×600,000(HR mode)
(Non-rotating zoom system)
[×200 – ×300,000(HC mode)×2,000 – ×800,000(HR mode) for EXALENS : Optional]
Low Mag ×50 – ×1,000
Accelerating voltage 40 – 120 kV
Specimen stage Eucentric goniometer stage
Main camera 8 M pixel (vertical to horizontal ratio = 3 : 4)
Other cameras are also available.


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