UP200St – Powerful Ultrasonic Lab Homogenizer

UP200St – Powerful Ultrasonic Lab Homogenizer


With the UP200St (200W, 26kHz), the serial of Hielscher’s 200 watt ultrasonic devices is expanded by a very flexible and versatile unit. The new UP200St consists of a separated transducer UP200St-T and generator UP200St-G. Thereby, this sibling unit of the UP200Ht is perfectly suitable for the use in demanding environments. Equipped with a colored touch screen, integrated LEDs for sample illumination, pluggable temperature sensor, integrated SD/USB ComboCard for data record, and many other features, the UP200St turns into a user-friendly and reliable tool for efficient and precise sonication.

The device functions and the various accessories allow for different applications and the coverage of very wide parameter configurations. Typical applications of the powerful and reliable UP200St include homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, deagglomeration & wet-milling (particle size reduction), cell disruption & disintegration, extraction, degassing, as well as sonochemical processes.


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