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Your Equipment in Right hands!

Unmatched reliability. Optimal performance. Sound operating economy. Ease of availability. These are the reasons you initially invested in LT Scientific. Why stop there?

With LT Scientific, enjoy total peace of mind for the entire service lifetime of your equipment.

When you choose the best equipment on the market, you should choose the best service and support to go along with them. Only then can you be sure that your processes move along smoothly, delivering the uptime you have come to expect of LT Scientific

More uptime

Proper equipment operation and maintenance ensures more uptime. With first-class service from LT Scientific, unplanned shutdowns are a thing of the past. More uptime means less hassle, longer equipment service life, lower total cost of ownership and greater profitability.

Continuous optimization

At LT Scientific, we help you optimize your processes. Based on application knowledge and years of practical experience, we can advise you how to get the most out of your installed equipment. Upgrades from LT Scientific not only introduce the latest technology and software to your processes and can extend equipment service life.

Exactly the services you need

To keep your equipment in top working condition, LT Scientific offers a comprehensive portfolio of parts and services. This spans a broad range, including but not limited to:

  • Quality spare parts delivery
  • Reconditioning at an authorized service centre
  • Onsite services for your convenience
  • Performance Agreements
  • Exclusive stock stored for your sole use
  • Upgrade solutions to improve performance
  • Consulting services
  • Training


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